So you’re stuck in a ramshackle shed in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by flesh-eating zombies. What do you do?

A)    Yell for help. Somebody’ll come, right?
B)     Make a break for it. They do call them the walking dead.
C)    You’re already screwed.

The correct answer, as you’re about to find out, is C. Sorry, buddy. If only there was some way you could’ve prepared for this inevitable day of reckoning.

Well now there is. Zurvived.it.

It’s your one-stop-shop for everything zombie. Survival tips. Zombie-whacking gear. And how to spot the signs of the undead apocalypse. It’s coming – it’s just a matter of when.

So check out our videos for valuable tips. Join our forums and meet fellow Zurvivers – you’re going to need all the help you can get. Study our guides and learn all you can.

Hell, maybe you should print this out. The Internet’s going to be the first thing to go.

If you have new ideas or feedback please contact us and we will add it to our curriculum. Please rate and spread the need to zurvive.


Mandi Moss

I am an actor, performance artist, dancer, mask worker, clown and goofball. I’m a performer, not limited to one medium. I like telling stories. Any medium that makes someone question what they thought they understood or laugh or forget the real world for a while. Even if it takes them to a darker world I hope that they come out with a different perspective. I strive to expand my understanding of people and why we do what we do.  I strive for truth. I strive for the fantastic. I also strive to watch The Twilight Zone every time it airs on television. I really can’t get enough of that show.


Kit Williamson

Kit Williamson was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi– no, not on a farm, but thank you for asking.   His junior year of high school he moved up to the frozen woods of northern Michigan to attend the theatre program at Interlochen Arts Academy, one of the nation’s top arts boarding schools.Kit went on to attend college in New York City at Fordham University, Lincoln Center.  While there he performed in many mainstage shows including Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid, directed by Obie-award winner Matthew Maguire and Tony Kushner’s Slavs!, directed by Obie-award winner Larry Sacharow.