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What Would Snookie Look Like If She Were A Zombie?

Posted on 03. Apr, 2012 by in Blog

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Ever wondered what the Jersey Shore cast would look like if they were undead? No? Well here they are anyway.



You can thank YouTube artist A. Saleem for the spooky image and he’s even provided us with a timelapse video of his Photoshop workflow. The GTL advocates were given scars, bite marks and saggy skin. Their dead raccoon eyes, however, were left untouched.

To be honest, they don’t look half bad. If you had to date a zombie, you could do a lot worse. The off-putting thing about the Jersey Shore crew has always been the stupid stuff that comes out of their mouths. If they were zombies, they couldn’t speak.

Looks like the Situation has a little situation happening on his forehead, though. Might want to sew that up.

Make sure to tell spread the word so we can stop the infection!

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