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    Read this post for information on an awesome all-terrain, all-purpose, 2-wheel drive motorbike monster. Use it for bug-out, scouting, farming, camping, and even fun off-roading before the Apocalypse hits without spending unnecessary amounts of money.

    Here is the coolest production motorcycle I have ever seen, it’s a monster! I first saw the thing in an auto & rv magazine and I fell in love with the thing just to find out IT GETS BETTER, but enough of my story, time to get straight to the facts.

    Rokon is “the world’s original and longest producing manufacturer of all wheel drive motorcycles.” ~http://www.rokon.com/1_2_About-Rokon.html
    Rokon motorcycles are all wheel drive so they apply power to both front and rear wheels, not to mention that the wheels are hollow and can actually make the bike float (keeping it upright in water is a bit more of a challenge) and over a foot of ground clearance.

    The company that makes the bikes also makes a line of useful accessories, like: Saddlebags & Ammocans for side storage, a cargo rack that can replace the back seat, a side-car that can support 600lbs of cargo or have another seat mounted on, a little mini trailer that can support 300lbs of cargo, gun rack kits, and a few other things but what caught MY attention the most was the fact that you can use farming implements on your rokon.

    The company makes a small array of agricultural equipment for the Rokon, that’s right, you can use you awesome beefed up dirt-bike as a mini-tractor. Farming implements include: a disk harrow, a lawn mower, a plow, a generator, a PTO (Power Take Off) unit (used in tractors to power certain implements), a 3-point hitch (which is another thing used by tractors for implements), and a few others. Oh, and remember how I said the wheels were hollow (Im not sure if it goes for all models) well you can fill up the hollow wheels with water for more traction!

    This bike (depending on model) in completely new condition goes for about $6,500 to $7,350 but I’d say it’s well worth it for what you can do!

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