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Zurvived: Episode 26 – Comikaze Expo 2011

Posted on 11. Nov, 2011 by in Full Episodes, Zurvived Podcast

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Zurvived took it to the streets and attended the Comikaze Expo here at the LA Convention center. We visited numerous booths and talked to very interesting and cool artists and creators dishing out some kick ass zombie inspired products.

We were also honored to moderate two panels for Matt Mogk of the Zombie Research Society during the expo. These covered Zombie Literature and Zombie Survival.

In this week’s episode:
01:12 Zombie Literature the Good the Bad, and the Undead
11:04 Zombie Outlaw (Brian Apodaca and Benny Jordan)
13:51 Terry Alexander (Day of the Dead 1985)
13:56 Zombie Tramp by Dan Mendoza
19:14 Pat Kilban’s Brain Eaters Bible
22:17 Zombie Ranch (Clint and Dawn Wolf)
25:02 Girls and Corpses
29:22 Zombie Survival 101

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