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Zurvived: Episode 46 – The Walking Dead Finale, Double Barrel Pistol, and World War Z Delayed

Posted on 31. Mar, 2012 by in Full Episodes, Zurvived Podcast

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Sax Carr, from Pizza, Games, and Zombies (http://PizzaGamesandZombies.com), joins us once again in the studio. I am sure many of you have been discussing the finale of The Walking Dead and wondering whats to come…Well we had a call with showrunner Glen Mazzara about the season wrap up and what will be coming in Season 3.

In this weeks episode:

00:34 FOTW: Private Island off Marathon, FL
04:58 WOTW: Aresnal’s Double Barrel Pistol – AF2011-A1
09:25 VOTW: Panther’s Wardaddy
13:24 HOTW: Which state will you fly to?
15:46 Comic Fandom: The New 52 from DC Comics
17:41 The Walking Dead Finale
22:31 World War Z Delayed
25:44 Operation Raccoon City take over London
27:25 Zombie Prom


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