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Resident Evil, Zombie Attack Reactions, Zombie Squash, World War Z, and Zombie Boy

Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by in Clips, Zurvived Podcast

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00:05 We had access to a live chat with Milla Jovovich regarding her new film Resident Evil: Retribution. They also tease that there will be one more film with Alice, but might live on without Milla and Anderson (Good Thing?)

01:45 The Zombie Attacks in our nation have caused some crazy reactions. Missle Silos sales are sold out in Kansas…all our best zombie fortresses are now gone. Pranksters almost get shot because of re-enacting the zombie attack, and much much more.

03:30 Zombie Squash, a new startup game starring George A. Romero as an evil doctor. The Kickstarter campaign did not get funded, but we love to see the latest projects that Romero gets himself involved in.

04:50 World War Z has always been getting criticized during development and no one has seen it! It is still going on especially when the movie’s budget keep climbing and re-shoots are being taken. Complainers, lets just wait and see what happens! We are all going to go to the theater anyways.

06:28 You might of missed this, we know it is old news, but we haven’t covered it. Zombie Boy is the spokesperson for Dermablend to cover Tattoos. This is an amazing collaboration and the ad campaign is fantastic.


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