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Zurvived: Episode 57 – Interview with Bill Oberst Jr, Zero’s Electric Motorcycle, and Lake Castle

Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by in Full Episodes, Zurvived Podcast

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If you have heard of The Asylum you will appreciate their quick production turn around on movies with very similar story lines or titles from big summer movies. Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies does not break that stride. We have lead actor Bill Oberst Jr. playing Abraham Lincoln in the studio to discuss is role and of course Zombies!

In this week’s episode:

00:40 FOTW: Lake Castle
06:09 WOTW: Icor Technology MK-3 Robot
11:08 VOTW: Zero MX Motorcycle
13:57 HOTW: You’re in a Zoo, which animal do you take?
15:24 Comic Fandom: ComicFandom.com is Launching
17:27 Fan Feedback
20:02 Interview with Bill Oberst Jr. from Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies


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